How Rejection Fuels Growth

How Rejection Fuels Growth

I’ve had thousands of buyers turn me down over the past decade. If they all said ‘yes’, I’d have no idea if they bought because they liked the product, the price, the mission statement, my pitch, something else?

I’ve been turned down by dozens of investors, but each time I got a ‘no’, I got feedback that helped me improve and get a ’yes’.

Life gives you 99 ‘no’s’ and 1 ‘yes’. Sometimes that 1 comes on your first cold call, meeting, demo or pitch session.

Our first time doing anything is usually not our finest possible work.

So why get bent out of shape when people tell us ‘no’?

Here’s my pro tip after running four startups, sitting on boards and being an investor: learn to launch hoping to hear rejection from the first 50-100 buyers, investors, customers, etc. If you start out with a mindset of expecting a ‘no’, and get a ‘yes’, then you f*cking won. If you get a ‘no’ and expected a ‘no’, you get feedback (which is what you were seeking anyways) and that gets you to a ‘yes’ light-years faster than your competition.

Look for the ‘no’. Want the ‘no’. Ask for honest feedback and for specifics, and often people will provide it.

Business is a giant experiment. Get testing my founder friends! Discover your magic formula for your own startup success.

☝🏼I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below on your own experiences. How has feedback helped shape your life, business, startup?

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