The 4 Startup Bottlenecks (and how to break ’em)

The 4 Startup Bottlenecks - Reagan Pollack

The 4 Startup Bottlenecks (and how to break ’em)

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💡Here’s your Startup Tip of the Day:

There are four (4) main areas of bottlenecks within any startup company:

A. Operational
B. Financial
C. Social
D. Intellectual

🤝Let’s Talk Social >>

You’ve heard the expression, “you are the average of the five people you hang out most with”, right?

☝🏼Well, your startup’s capability is the average of your network (or lack thereof).

There’s a reason why people who live in specific areas have deeper contacts to specific types of relationships that help facilitate growth, development and success.

If what you’re lacking is access to investors, you need someone who is deeply connected to that social network.

If what you’re lacking is access to software programmers, find an existing programmer who is working for another company and ask to tag along with them when they go to their coder meetups.

If what you’re lacking is access to a great chef for your new restaurant, go hang out at culinary shows, wine tastings and conferences to find new chefs.

💯The success of your venture is based on the quality, not quantity, of your network.

Think amazing people with specific access to resources, and develop relationships that benefit them first, not you.

Yes, you heard that right.

✍🏽We must create value for others if we ever hope to receive value later. Why else would these people feel that they owe you anything?

Make introductions for them, share unique articles with them that may give them an edge in their business, invite them to join you for lunch (and you pay). Again, business relationships are no different than personal relationships – they require effort, commitment, investment, deep trust, and value for both parties to feel equal and rewarding.

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