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No Startup Left Behind - Learn How to Launch an Idea and Skyrocket to Startup Success - Reagan T. Pollack

No Startup Left Behind: Learn How to Launch an Idea and Skyrocket to Startup Success

No Startup Left Behind  New Book Now Available! No Startup Left Behind is a breath of fresh air in the coddled, avoid-failure-at-all-cost world of traditional entrepreneurship that aims to wait until passion strikes to even launch, please every customer at any cost, and over promise but underwhelm every market. Pollack simplifies the startup journey for …

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2020 Startups – A Year in Review

This year has been marked by one of the most unprecedented, and challenging global economic environments of the last one-hundred years. Despite the aforementioned, startup investing continues to rip at a feverish pace, marked by technology, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and enterprise software firms. According to this CrunchBase report, “Overall, total global venture dollars for 2020 …

Startup Forecasting - How to easily build your startup financial proforma

Startup Forecasting (the easy way)

Happy New Year and welcome back to my Startup Tip of the Day. I remember being 20 years old, sitting in front of a blank Excel spreadsheet without a clue in the world as to how I was going to build an accurate forecast for my first startup. Without proven revenues or associated costs, the …