Month: November 2019

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Why Good Ideas Kill Most Startups

STARTUP SECRET #1 YOU DON’T NEED A “GOOD” IDEA   While everyone’s out there hunting for the next Uber®, Airbnb®, Google® or Alibaba®, the real entrepreneurs are busy testing new concepts instead of dreaming, writing business plans, and overthinking the crap out of everything. Entrepreneur: Average Idea + Massive Action x Initial Results/Adjustments = Progress …

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The Egoless Entrepreneur

WHAT? YOU DON’T LOVE MY IDEA? To Survive a Startup, First, Kill Your Ego If you’re the type of person, like I was in my 20s, who was seeking encouragement from others to continually reinforce your ideas, beliefs and path, get ready to get shook up when you start a company. Encouragement comes and goes, …

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Find your Entrepreneurial ‘Why (not)’​

What truly sets an Entrepreneur apart? Her ability to imagine what could be, and more importantly, her unwavering drive to bring forth a new reality to ameliorate the world. This quote by George Bernard Shaw inspired me to become an #entrepreneur when I was 19 years old. Sometimes all it takes in life is one phrase, one …