Month: April 2020

COVID as a Platform - Reagan Pollack

COVID-as-a-Platform: How COVID-19 Disrupts Behavior, Business Models and Builds the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Sterilize. Sanitize. Disinfect. Decontaminate. Wipe Down. Rinse Off. Repeat. Welcome to the Contam Culture – a new “normal” modus operandi if you will, we’ve been forced to accept in a pandemic induced world. As the weeks become months under the quarantined, sheltered, physically-distanced era, businesses and consumers have had to adapt to this radical shift …

Startup Zen

Finding Calm in the COVID-19 Storm

Startups are not only a biggest test of our abilities to execute on a market hunch, but more deeply, the limitations of our own mind. They fully test everything we think we know about ourselves — from our deepest fears to our highest hopes — and most startups fail in the mind first, and the market second. …