Month: January 2020

Alchemy by Rory Sutherland - Ogilvy Vice Chairman - Reagan Pollack

Alchemy: The Surprising Power Of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense

Ad: One of my favorite past times is reading books on business, marketing and behavioral economics. I’ve recently come across a book over the holiday break that hit the nail on the head in today’s over saturated product world.   Alchemy, by Rory Sutherland,, is not just a fun read (it literally had me …

Startup Forecasting - How to easily build your startup financial proforma

Startup Forecasting (the easy way)

Happy New Year and welcome back to my Startup Tip of the Day. I remember being 20 years old, sitting in front of a blank Excel spreadsheet without a clue in the world as to how I was going to build an accurate forecast for my first startup. Without proven revenues or associated costs, the …