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Startup Tip of the Day - Creating an Innovative Corporate Culture - Reagan Pollack

How to Build Innovation into Every Aspect of Your Company

Happy Thursday Founders 🙌🏽 ✍🏽Here’s your Startup Tip of the Day: Innovation should never be a siloed appendage; it must be a systemic attribute. What the f*ck does that mean? 👀 Founders and managers, listen up.🤫 💡If you don’t breed entrepreneurial thought & action into every area of your company – from the warehouse packaging …

Startup Tip of the Day - Good Idea - Founder - Entrepreneur - Reagan Pollack

Why Great Startups Win with Average Ideas

☝🏼What makes an idea a great business is often not the idea. You heard that right. While everyone’s out there hunting for the next Uber, Airbnb, Google or Alibaba, the real entrepreneurs are busy testing new concepts instead of dreaming, writing business plans, and overthinking the crap out of everything. Entrepreneur = Average Idea + …

Founders Fumble - Reagan Pollack

The Founder’s Fumble

When I was 20, I launched my first Internet company out of my dorm room. The idea was simple – solve the pain for emerging, un-signed music artists struggling to get ahead in their careers in the music industry, by connecting them with record labels, managers, publishers, agents, venues and music studios on one platform. …